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TyporamaOne of my loves are photography apps. They include editors, filters and typography. One of the newest apps I have discovered is called Tyorama. How I discovered the app was I was Tweeting about Canva. Tyoporama responded to me and said if I needed to do simpler things use their app. I went directly to the app store and looked at it. It looked very similar to a favorite, WordSwag. I paid the $1.99 and bought it right then!

If you are a fan of WordSwag you will immediately know how to use the app. They are similar in a lot of ways but Typorama has some really great features WordSwag doesn’t. The first thing that is different is it has preset sizing for the different social media networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts. The down side to this is you can’t adjust the picture in the template. Over Twitter they told me they were working on this and would be fixed in the next update. I was very glad to hear it!

The next change is the Overlays. Overlays are photographic elements you can put over your photos. It could be hearts, glitter (or as I call it glitter) or dust. There are quite a few overlays that you can use on your picture. You just have to go through and see which one works best. It will be a game of trial and error.

Lastly for this post, is the ability to start over and reedit the picture. WordSwag does it a bit clunky. This is easier to use and go back and edit your creations. Also adding a Watermark is way easier and happens during the creation process, not after.

So how does the app work? The first thing you do pick a picture to use. You can use one of the many preset pictures in the app. There are a lot of great pictures the app. If you don’t want to use one of those you can upload any picture you would like. Then you choose what size you would like your image. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Original size or a preset ratio.

Then you get into the creation process. You can go totally wild in here. Some features in here that I didn’t mention above are colors. There is a whole palate of colors that you can select. Each color has several shades. If that’s not enough you can do gradients of the text. I found this by accident one day and I was like WHOA! It added a new dimension. This is in the Text Tools section. Also in this section is shadow, eraser and 3-D rotate. The 3-D rotate is a great feature that I haven’t really figured out how to use very well. I think it will in time.

If that wasn’t enough they have editing tools. Tools that you can use to edit the brightness, saturation, contrast and more. These are really quick and easy things to change in the app. If you have some photography training you can get a lot out of these. Even if you don’t they are simple enough to use.

The last thing I wanted to cover is the sharing options. It has every major social network. It also includes Pinterest and Whats App. More sharing options are a good thing. I typically save to my photos and then share from there.


  • Great image control with filters, overlay and editing options
  • Text has more options with colors, gradients and shadows
  • Watermarks are easier to include in the photo
  • Easy to edit if you mess up and have to go back


  • The photos can’t be moved behind the presets
  • 3-D Text has me perplexed
  • Only iOS

I would give this app an overall 8 out of 10. There are some things that need to be fixed but overall it’s a pretty solid app. I am looking forward to the new release to be able move pictures behind the preset frames. When they Tweeted me about having this app to do something quick instead of Canva, I was like yeah right. But after trying it they were right, it’s an awesome app for someone on the go. Typorama is one of my most used apps now along with Canva and WordSwag.

Pictures included in this presentation come from the Typorama press kit.

Screen Shots of the App

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