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Can you podcast on your Phone or Tablet

It’s been a while since I last blogged or even podcasted. I have been working a ton and really wanted to come up with a solid plan for 2019 to reinvent Marketing Elements. This includes a content plan that is reasonable with working and new skills I have gained this past year. The skills are video and livestream on Facebook. Plus some more hacks on getting awesome social on a budget.

Podcasting plays big in this new plan as well as video production. Podcasting is way easier, but I wondered could I do it via my iPhone or iPad? There are now some good iOS microphones. They plug right into your phones lightening port. It’s way better than the built-in and headphone mic.

The other development is Ferrite. The iOS podcasting app keeps improving and adding more features. One feature I have used on a regular basis is the leveling of the audio. I used to accomplish this through a program called Levelator. It was a free program and did an amazing job. However, the company that made it no longer wanted to support it and stopped developing it. There is a hack to get it to play on the latest MacOS, but it just seemed like a chore.

Ferrite makes leveling the audio super easy. Granted if you are used to a computer the file upload and download may be a little wonky but it accomplishes the goal. I think in the next version of iOS we may actually get a file browser that works with external media.

The other thing that I love about Ferrite is it strips audio silence. I can’t tell you the hours I used to go into Garage Band and cut out all the spaces. While a necessary evil I knew there had to be a way around this chore. As podcasts matured, some of the higher end programs automatically did this, but not any of the Apple programs or moderately priced programs. Ferrite is about $20 unlocked and gives you many high-end tools.

The last thing that I will need a computer for adding show art and show notes. It can be done in Ferrite but they don’t export files at MP3. That’s the only downside. Here is what I plan on using:

  • iPhone 8
  • Ferrite Podcasting App
  • Garageband App – if needed
  • Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

I will keep you posted on my journey in podcasting via iOS.


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