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Share your or your Favorite Podcast

Do you have a favorite podcast you want to share with others? Or do you run a podcast and want to share some great parts? Before it wasn’t easy to create a quick sharable, almost snackable, size podcast file. Until now!

Overcast, and iOS app, now lets you share a clip from a podcast. They also make it super easy! This is how you share:

  1. Open the Overcast App
  2. Choose a podcast and select play
  3. At the point, you want to share and click the share icon on the top right corner.
  4. Then click “Share clip”
  5. Choose the 30 seconds you want and you can make it vertical, horizontal, or square. Then click next.
  6. Then you can download or share to a social media site.

Here is a clip I made of the iMore show talking about the new iPod touch

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