Brand Accounts coming to Instagram?

AdWeek posted yesterday that Instagram is testing out Brand Accounts/Profiles. I”m not sure this is a good thing. They have some great features that will be released for brands. Will the pages come at a price? Meaning will it be run similar to Brand Pages on Facebook? What is being Tested?  First, lets talk about what […]

Instagram Gives You 60! Seconds

I should have dubbed this week Photography/Picture week on Marketing Elements. Earlier this week we had Nik software and yesterday was a rant on Instagram! Well, it’s another Instagram post! This time Instagram is giving you up to 60 seconds for videos. This is a major step up for vides. There is a lot more […]

OMG TURN ON Instagram Notifications

I usually get on Instagram for a break in the day. See some of the latest pics from friends and other people I follow. Yesterday was a bit different. There were ton’s of people posting “Turn on notifications.” in their streams. Granted I didn’t see any big brands, kudos to you  for not panicking! First, […]

Get Instagram Analytics with InsTrack

Using Analytics for a small business can be challenging. One of the most challenging to do his Instagram. This is because there are no built-in analytics in Instagram. Other social media sites such as the Facebook insights or Twitter or Analytics. And one of the most annoying things to me is that Instagram doesn’t use dates […]

Mobile Series – Instagram Boomerang

Instagram has been adding apps to enhance your experience. The first was Hyperlapse, which is an awesome video capture program. Then they released Layouts that is their official collage greater. Lastly is the new app called Boomerang. Boomerang was just released this past week. What is Boomerang? “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. […]

It’s Time to Get Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social network. It’s for one reason, it makes you happy. Leo Laporte said it on a few TWIT network shows and I totally agree. Plus its one of the easiest for Small Businesses to join. You don’t need any training outside of knowing how to take pictures on your phone. After […]

Instagram is all about Business

You may think Instagram is there to share selfies from your weekend in Vegas. Or the last great meal you ate. Maybe its your adorable pet. These are all part of the DNA of Instagram but it’s not all they want to be known for, they are embracing businesses. .  Businesses have been an integral […]