Get Instagram Analytics with InsTrack

Using Analytics for a small business can be challenging. One of the most challenging to do his Instagram. This is because there are no built-in analytics in Instagram. Other social media sites such as the Facebook insights or Twitter or Analytics. And one of the most annoying things to me is that Instagram doesn’t use dates […]

Pinterest Analytics – Overview

Pinterest does a great job in letting people know what services they offer for business accounts. They have been one of the most proactive social media platforms in informing. Other services you find out about things second hand and wonder how to use certain features. This video put out by Pinterest gives you a great […]

Google Analytics Just got Easier

I am all about doing stuff on the go. Checking Google analytics has been one of those things you needed a third party app to use on your iOS device. They have been good apps and give you the info you need but Google didn’t have an official app. Back in 2011 I got my […]

ME0033 – Social Analytics – Facebook

Marketing Elements Episdoe 33 – Social Analytics – Facebook from Tim Goleman on Vimeo. This is the second part in my analytics posts. The first was an overview of what analytics there are in social. This specifically deals with reporting Facebook Insights. The spread sheet, as given by Chuck Hemann at the Social Media Conference […]