Mac OS X Snow Leopard is out tomorrow


Tomorrow, Snow Leopard comes out. I am looking forward to getting it and seeing some of the new features. The reviews I have read have said that there are no major changes, only some minor ones that add up to create a better OS. It also takes less time to install and less space on the hard drive. This came out early and early next month the new iPods will come out, and it’s rumored they will have cameras on them. We will have to wait till Sept. 7th for the details!

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  1. Reply Stephen W August 30, 2009 at 9:19 am

    My G5 won’t run SL. I might get a mini. I don’t want a laptop. Or a glossy screen Imac. And the Mac Pros are too expensive, even when used. I’m not a CS4 head and the OS tasks will benefit little from all those parallel cores. Sigh.

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