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Apple is going social

Apple has been known for being, for a lack of better word, anti-social. They have no official Facebook, Twitter or anything outside a Fan Page for iTunes. If memory serves me correct I don’t even think the employees can talk about work on social networks or blogs. The recent announcement for the new iPods Apple […]

Apple’s Social Blunder?

Has Apple finally made a big blunder? If you ask a lot of people they say yes, and I tend to agree. The issue is the dropped calls happening on the new iPhone 4. In stead of saying we are looking into the issue, which is smart if you ask me. Steve Jobs said don’t […]

Is Apple making a mistake?

A study was released this week that Apple is loosing market share for the iPhone and that Google’s Android phones are now in the second spot. Grated there are a few issues with the study. They are: it was a recent study, people are waiting for the new iPhone, and a whole host of other […]

Apple is Anti-Social

I had a friend post on Twitter he needed help finding the official Twitter account for Apple. I responded back that Apple doesn’t “do” social media. The only thing they have is a Facebook Fan Page for iTunes.  Apple doesn’t participate in social media due to the secrecy around all the products they develop. They […]