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Facebook Over Takes Google

One big thing that has happened in the world of technology is that Facebook has become the most visited site on the internet. This has previously been held by Google.  As you can see by this graph, Facebook has been gaining ground for months. Now that Facebook has dethroned Google, what is next?

  • On a personal note, I really hate Facebook’s Search. In the last few days they have gotten better, but for me its something I use just to find things in Facebook. Granted they have improved the auto results this week, but for web searches I still go to Google. My home page is still Google.
  • Is Facebook going to go into the Search area? Are they going to really take the lead in social search? They are using Bing for the web results, but are they going to actually tie in to Bing and develop a truly social search? They have a tremendous opportunity, but will they use it?
  • Can Facebook take on Google in the Search arena? Google has dominated the area of search for years. Yahoo has hung on but has started using the information from Bing, and Bing hasn’t been major competition for Google. Google has been so ingrained in people it has become a verb in our vocabulary. If Facebook gets into search will it convince people to use it and deliver as good or better results then Google?

Just some things I am pondering… I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, leave a comment or email me!

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