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I Cancelled MySpace

I have heard a few people say they they were going to cancel their MySpace. Well I took the plunge last night. I never really cared for MySpace. I hated the lay out, there was too much annoying images, the layouts made no sense and I rarely talked to anyone. As you can tell I was never on it much to begin with, I think the last time I was on it was a year ago. I joined because everyone was on it, but I can’t recall anyone I talked to on there. It was more of everyone is on it and I got on it too! It was really my first social media community I was part of, but I guess I never felt like a community member. Facebook I have friends, companies and organizations I interact with and I talk and share information. Such as the Page for this podcast and my business.

The cancellation procedure actually was pretty easy, but it said it would take 48 hours to delete the profile. Which to me is strange, but I”m like ok, we’ll wait. At the time of writing this post its still up, but I hope for not much longer. Has anyone else thought of canceling their MySpace? Or actually canceled it? I’d love to hear your reasons. Mine is I never used it for any purpose. Granted it has kind of been reborn as a music site, but still I haven’t even logged on in a year. So I say thanks MySpace for being my first Social Media community.

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