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What I have learned….

This past Friday I was laid off from my job. It was not expected and still sinking in, it will really hit me tomorrow when I get up and don’t have to go into the office. But the experience really taught me a lot about me and improved my skills. So here is what I learned:

  • A deeper understanding of analytics and how to report it to clients
  • How to present and get your message across to a Fortune 100 company
  • To be creative and propose things out of the box, sometimes you have to push a client
  • How to work with difficult coworkers at times
  • Implications for social media and how to change strategies you feel aren’t working (not an easy task)
  • Create presentations that tell a story and that are more visual with out being a data dump

The three months there were good, I planned on being there a lot longer but I am a firm believer take what you learn and move on. That is what I am doing. I think going forward I have some great skill sets that will be valuable in this market. Back to the job hunt!


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