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Facebook Get YouTube Like Video Analytics

851537_231645577030993_62092673_nOne of my biggest gripes for Facebook has been the lack of really good and free analytics tools. In Sights has always been a piece meal of different analtyics that Facebook keeps changing every few months. This doesn’t make being a consultant to small business very easy. Just when you train a client on what to look for and what is in a good range, it’s totally different.

Videos I have always told my clients to put on YouTube and embed it on their page. That way you will get the view counts and analytics. Facebook seems to be taking analytics a little more serious. These analytics look similar to the YouTube Dashboard but with a few changes. From what I can see the reporting shows who watched to 25, 50, 75% and more. Its a little simplier than YouTube. This will make reporting super simple and easy to for clients to review on their own.

I will write more about this when I get access to the new in sights. Facebook is reporting that this will roll out in the next few weeks. But it is a much needed new in sight into video views on Facebook.

Read the Business page about the new analytics –

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