Twitter Now Shows Full Pictures

lamington-2First, let me say sorry for my abrupt disappearance. I had a few health issues that made me not up to blogging or podcasting. I have since recovered and will be back to blogging and podcasting! I will say I missed not writing about social the last two weeks!

Can we all raise a voice and sing a song of glee because Twitter now shows pictures their actual size in the news feed! Before the size was 1024 X 512 pixels. This made for a very wide and shallow picture. Services like Canva would make graphics to fit that size. However, finding the perfect picture was still a chore. So many pictures I have tired never worked.

Last week they announced that now in the Twitter stream pictures will show pictures in their exact size. You no longer have to create separate graphics for Facebook and Twitter. You can use the same one in both. This is great news because it will save you time in your daily marketing!

Tom Merrit from Daily Tech News Show said the reason Twitter probably used this size was to keep the stream very concise and easy to follow. I think this is a great reason. Twitter stream moves fast and you don’t want interference in your stream. On the other head it makes life easier for marketers and small biz owners.

Here is an example of how the pictures now look in the stream.

twitter pic

I posted this one last night. It is a picture of downtown Birmingham, Alabama from atop the Vulcan State Park observation deck. The pic I converted to an HDR in SnapSeed and finally the Brushstroke app!

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