Is this the End of Twitter….

Since the sale of Twitter, the hyperbolic statements saying “This is the end of Twitter” have been told many times. However, the service is about to make a massive change affecting all users.  “Tech billionaire Elon Musk said he plans to start charging all users of X, his social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “We […]

Making Twitter Easier with Lists

Twitter lists are one of those little-used features that many people may not know about. They have been around for almost as long as Twitter itself, I think. Twitter lists are a list of users that you can organize around topics, business units and more. They can be public or private. If you are anything […]

Twitter Releases Dash Board

Twitter Analytics for most have always been a bit wonky. You always had to go through the Ads interface. Then navigate your way to the analytics you want to view. If you wanted a good overview on the go, it wasn’t easy using just a Twitter app. You could always get in depth per Tweet […]

Twitter Doubles Down on Video

2016 is the year of video on social media. Facebook started the movement and other social networks soon followed suit. Twitter allowed you to have video but only up to 30 seconds. That all changed this week. Now you can post videos up to 140 seconds long. Maybe this is to match the character count. […]

Twitter is Giving you more Characters….

Well they are but there is still the 140 character limit. You maybe asking how can you get more characters? They are not counting some of the things you put in your Tweet. Which is a great move for Twitter. What did they announce? This is the official announcement from Twitter: Replies: When replying to […]

Share Tweets Via Direct Message

Yesterday Twitter announced a new way to send Tweets to someone. “Starting today, you’ll notice something new on Tweets — a Message button. With this new feature, it’s simple to share a Tweet via Direct Message and spark a private conversation” is what Twitter said! As you can see by the gif above it’s a […]

140 Characters turns 10 Years Old

  It has been said you go to Facebook to see what happened and to Twitter to see what is happening. This has been evident in the Arab Spring movement. It allowed people to tell what is going on in countries with news black outs. I think this is one of those moments that cemented […]

Should Twitter Be More Than 140 Characters?

Since it’s inception Twitter has been limited to 140 characters. There have been a few changes to the Tweets over the years. Such as tagging, links and photos that has changed the Twitter feed. Re/Code has reported that Twitter is considering lifting the 140 character limits to Tweets. Is this a good thing or bad? […]

Twitter Updates the Twitter for Mac App

I have used the Twitter for Mac app since its introduction. Then it was called Tweetie. It was available as free or paid app. However, the ads were the most focused and relevant of any service I have ever seen. I clicked about half of the ads served to me and bought a few things […]