New Look for Instagram

When you update Instagram you may notice some changes. The first thing you notice is there is a new logo. The camera icon we have come to love over the last 6 years is gone. They have a brand new logo. But that’s not all that has changed with the app!


First, I am not a fan of the logo. Not because its changed, but rather it looks like so many other logos out there. Above on the left is the new logo for Instagram. The other logos are for Fames, Boomerang and Hyperlapse. I like those much better than the new Instagram. I’m not going to get up in arms about the new logo. It’s just not my personal taste. I think that I’m not a fan of the gradient used. If it were the camera on a solid or other gradient I think I would be fine with that. I’m sure that we will hear plenty from the internet about the logo.


A logo is one thing but they have redesigned the app itself. The main thing you notice is that colors are gone from the design. Now it’s black and white. I read somewhere they said this was not to take away from the pictures being posted. I never had any issues with the old design. This update is for both iOS and Android and is available today!

I have downloaded the update and it seems to be a bit faster than pervious versions. I welcome any improvement on speed! My overall impression of the redesign is it’s ok. I’m not going “this is the best ever.” I’m also not going “I hate this and won’t use it again.” It will take some time to get used to and after a week or so.

Make sure you download the app and try it out!

Pictures by Instagram.

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