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Shot with iPhone – 3 generations of iPhones

I am a big proponent of using the camera you have with you. Nine times out of ten, this is your phone. I don’t carry around a point and shoot or DLSR every day. I used to, but now the phone is as good if not better than most point and shoot cameras.

On my personal Instagram, I started a project called My Awesome Pics. It’s a little tongue and cheek because I think I do a good job at photography, and when I edited them, I went, “These are awesome pics.” I have used my iPhones and DLSR camera to make this series. However, in this post, I’m going to feature the pictures taken with my iPhone 5, 6, and 8 Plus.

I edited the pics with either Skylars Luminar 3 on the Mac or PixelmatorPhoto on the iPad. These are all the basic default auto settings. Occasionally I have used PixelmatorPro to remove power lines and other obstructions.

iPhone 5

Bellagio Fountain Show at night – Las Vegas, NV

Hoover Dam – Boulder City, NV

Red Rock Canyon – Nevada

Downtown LA – Fig at 7th

iPhone 6

Sloss Furnace – Birmingham, AL

Neon Museum – Las Vegas, NV

Skyview Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

iPhone 8 Plus

Elton John – Caesar’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas, NV

Little America Hotel – Salt Lake City, UT

These are a few of the pics I have shot with an iPhone, or as Apple says “Shot with iPhone” Follow my personal instagram, @tingoleman, to see more pics taken with iPhones and DLSR camera.

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