Are you an Advocate?

One thing I have learned the last few AMA lunches and through Guest Relations Marketing are your biggest supports can help you spread information about your company/product/service to others. These individuals can be some of your best ambassadors.  This is done by one of the most effective forms of advertising, Word of Mouth. You may […]

Search Engine Optimization

Is a topic I saw at last weeks Signature Lunch for AMA Atlanta. I have known about the basics of SEO for a while, but It’s one of those things that you can learn the basics in a short time but takes a lifetime to master. This is due to the constantly changing logarithm that […]

Right or Left Brain?

I am reading a really great book, “War In the Boardroom, Why Left-Brain Management and Right-Brain Marketing Don’t See Eye-to-Eye – and what to do about it.” I saw Ms. Ries present at a recent AMA Atlanta/Atlanta Ad club event. It was one of the best presentations I have seen in a long time. Take […]