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Being Social on Twitter

I have to point out something I have noticed. Granted this isn’t a sweeping judgment but a trend I have seen on Twitter. That is no one really talks. Well it’s the case for some of the people I follow. It’s all about pushing out links and information. There are some people on Twitter, that I don’t think I have ever talked too.

Us being in the social arena you should actually talk to people and not push out links and info all the time. If someone comments on a link take the time to answer back and talk. I looked up some streams of folks and that’s all it is, no interaction.

I love talking social media and will respond to people. I love it when people talk back to me. I have met some amazing people doing this, but I wish more would do it. What does it take to have social media peeps talk on twitter? Well I’m starting a Talk on Twitter for social media. I will post topics daily and ask opinions, feel free to answer and talk.

I have to point out some great peeps on twitter they are Chris Kovac, Jeff Hilimire, Josh Martin, (basically anyone at Engauge), David Rollo, Daisy Whitney, Brian Solis just to name a few. They all I have either met through twitter or talk to on a some what regular basis.

If you see me ask something respond! I will love it and remember to Talk on Twitter!

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