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2020 the Year of Video Marketing

As you know, video is a passion of mine. It extends into video that is live or recorded. While at Plaid, I directed and produced their live streams and many of their “How To” videos. I have carried this love into my own business and want to show brands that no matter your size, you can do video and do it well. You no longer have to be a Fortune 500 brand. 

One of my favorite companies, Switcher Studio, posted 2019 Online Video Statistics and Trends. This study asked 500 people about their video viewing habits. Here are some key takeaways of the survey:

  • 49% watch over 5 videos per day (up from 44% in 2018)
  • 67% use YouTube as their go-to for online video
  • 71% prefer to watch videos with the sound ON
  • 79% find video ads relevant to them
  • 80% watch Stories

This study has one thing that I push for when creating video content. It would help if you had captions first because you will extend your audience with the hearing impaired. Next, some people watch a video with the sound off. This is especially true on Facebook, which auto-plays the video in the stream. If you have captions, you can have people read along or click to unmute the video. In the survey, 85% of people either read them all the time or very often. 

Lastly, if you are selling a product or service, 74% of people surveyed said they would like a video to learn more. 13% said they want to learn via an image, and the remaining 13% want to learn via an article. 

In 2020, take a step to creating your own video content. It’s not as hard as it used to be! Once you start creating videos, you will keep refining your strategy and produce more and more of them! 

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