Recap of f8 – What’s coming from Facebook

This week Facebook had the f8 conference. If you aren’t familiar with the conference. Its when Facebook announces new things to developers. In the past they have launched major changes to the service. These have included Timeline, new profile pages, and mail/messages. While many of those things are no longer still around. Now they tend have […]

Branded Content – New Facebook Rules

This post may not apply to too many small businesses. I am posting it because it’s an interesting change that Facebook is doing. Some things to know about Branded Content on Facebook.   These Branded Content is just for verified pages. Rules must be followed by all Verified pages. There is a Branded content tool for […]

Facebook Wants us to end Phone numbers

Facebook is going all in on Messenger. They want us to no longer be tethered to a phone number. Will this be the future? It’s too early to tell. But as more people get smart phones and make less calls this could be true. I know in my circle of friends the text or messenger […]

Facebook Releases Live Video and Collages to all

  Facebook has released live video for verified pages earlier this year. Now they have released the service to the masses! Prior you had to be using the Facebook Mentions app. In their current roll out to a small percentage of iPhone users.  You can now broadcast things that are important to you and your family/friends. “To […]

New Facebook Messenger and Event Integrations

Facebook is slowly adding more and more features. They are really banking on Facebook Messenger to be a key player in customer service. Previously they rolled out a new messenger on pages. Each page will be graded on how fast they respond to messages. This is aided by a new messenger app. Now Facebook is adding […]

Social Search 2.0 is happening at Facebook

We have been hearing about Social Search for years. No one has really implemented it well. I had high hopes when Facebook announced the Social Graph and the ability to search. This turned out to be a bit of a miss. You could search for friends who like a band, or pictures taken in a […]

Put Your Videos on Facebook NOW!

Video has always been the area of YouTube. It is the go to place most people go to find answers to questions to music videos. Last year Facebook fired a shot across the bow of Google and YouTube. They are revamping the video experience on the service and is going head on with YouTube. Before […]