Facebook Enhances Second Screen Experience

  You maybe asking how this affects small business? Currently it probably won’t affect most people reading this post. However, with more live streaming and broadcast happening it could come in to play for many brands. I think it’s very important to keep up to date on what the different social media networks are doing. […]

Facebook soon to Launch New Mobile Profiles

Facebook is really going all in on mobile. This week they have announced some really interesting changes to the personal profile. You maybe asking why I am covering it here? Facebook has a good track record in what they release to the personal profiles end up on brand pages. So what are they doing? Facebook is […]

New Facebook Notes Goes Live

Earlier this month I told you about the possible new update to Facebook Notes. Well this rumor has become reality and is now being rolled out to the masses. The new notes are pretty cool and I am going to play with these. So why is Facebook doing this? In my opinion they don’t want […]

It’s OK to Use Facebook at Work

This post title is a little play on words. Facebook has a service called Facebook at Work. It is a private network just for businesses. It is one thing that has me super excited lately. Why? Because this is a game changer for small business productivity. If you work in an enterprise level company there […]

Introducing the Dislike Button

The news came out this week that Facebook is getting a dislike button. Yes, after so many years, Facebook has announced they are working on this. It is a good thing? Well more on that in a minute. In the video below you can see Mark Zuckerberg talk about the new button they announced at […]

Facebook Updates Pages for Mobile

If you are a small business, you more than likely have have a Facebook Page. Its is the main social property most businesses have implemented. You maybe asking why is Facebook updating pages? “With over one billion people visiting Pages every month, people are already turning to Pages to learn more about businesses, and now […]

Facebook Gets Photo Editing on Web

Facebook has finally rolled out photo editing on the web! If you have used the service on mobile you may have seen these features. Its really surprising that they haven’t released these before now. Google+, Twitter and other social sites have rolled out filters and the ability to edit photos. Note, this has yet to […]

New Facebook Notes – A New Blogging Platform?

Facebook is rumored to be redesigning the Notes feature to compete with Medium. Medium is a minimal blogging platform. I say minimal because the formatting and images are minimal. Its becoming popular with journalist and others for writing and sharing ideas. Facebook has has the Notes feature for as long as I can remember. They […]

Facebook Enters Live Video

Facebook has entered the live streaming arena. Before you get too excited, its currently just for verified pages through the Mentions App. Mentions is only available to pages and not verified profiles. It would be fair to say that most of us will not have access to this feature just yet. This feature is very […]