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Twitter Making Music More Social!

If you watched the video above, you will see how iTunes and Ping is tying into Twitter. You can put links from itunes directly into Twitter and have someone listen to the music right there. This will be done after you link Ping with Twitter. Now, this won’t work with a client such as HootSuite or Tweet Deck. But, Twitter is stepping the site up and giving you a reason now to go to the site. Which is long over due. I used to never go log into the twitter site unless I has something in the settings to do. Now, I log in from time to time to use some of the new features and this would be one that would make me go to the site.

This is really great and Apple has done a great thing in allowing you to hear clips through Twitter. The world will continue to get more social and more connected, and this is a start of how to share music! I’m sure we will see more of this for movies and TV.

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