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October 2015

Google Play will now have Podcasts

In the early days of podcasting, iTunes and Apple was synonymous with the medium. Every show you listed too said “subscribe on iTunes.” While iTunes is still big for podcasting, other services are now taking away from the once dominant iTunes. They include Pocket Casts, Stitcher and even Spotify. I personally think the change is […]

What is YouTube Red? Why Does it Matter?

This past week Google announced the long awaited YouTube Red. Red, as it’s called for short, is a subscriptions service for YouTube. I hear some of you going, “Isn’t YouTube free? Why do I need a subscription?” Well, I”m glad you asked! The subscription will allow you to watch original content and not have ads! […]

Twitters Embedding is About to get Better

Have you ever wanted to tell a story with posts from Twitter? But you’re stuck with adding each embed one right after the other. After a while it seems like the embeds will never end? If you have to show over 2-3 Tweets, it just looks cluttered. Each one of the tweets is separate and […]

Mobile Series – Instagram Boomerang

Instagram has been adding apps to enhance your experience. The first was Hyperlapse, which is an awesome video capture program. Then they released Layouts that is their official collage greater. Lastly is the new app called Boomerang. Boomerang was just released this past week. What is Boomerang? “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. […]

Social Search 2.0 is happening at Facebook

We have been hearing about Social Search for years. No one has really implemented it well. I had high hopes when Facebook announced the Social Graph and the ability to search. This turned out to be a bit of a miss. You could search for friends who like a band, or pictures taken in a […]

It’s Time to Vote on Twitter

Its official, Twitter is getting polling. I reported a few weeks ago about Twitter was testing out polling. Yesterday they Twitter announced the polling would be rolling out to all users on iOS, Android and the web. Previously, the only way to do a poll was to ask a question and have people reply with a […]

It’s Time to Get Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social network. It’s for one reason, it makes you happy. Leo Laporte said it on a few TWIT network shows and I totally agree. Plus its one of the easiest for Small Businesses to join. You don’t need any training outside of knowing how to take pictures on your phone. After […]

Digital marketing is just marketing

    This past week Brad Jakeman, PepsiCo exec, spoke at the Association of National Advertising’s annual “Masters of Marketing”. One of his points was that digital marketing should be considered marketing. His thought behind this was most of marketing was done digitally. There is no need to silo digital any more  I couldn’t agree more […]