Dyslexia and Marketing

I still find it very odd that I run a blog and am dyslexic. It’s something that I have learned to deal with over the years. One thing I have found out is mine is exacerbated by stress. My Dyslexia causes me to leave out entire words, think a word is spelled wrong when its […]

Adobe Spark – Spark Your Marketing Creativity

Being a small business and having great graphics and landing pages are sometimes luxuries. They are big expenditures in a marketing budget. Adobe has released a new service that could come in handy. It’s called Adobe Spark. They rebranded it into a trio of apps. The apps are now Post, Pages and  Video. Instead of iOS […]

Thinking Outside the Box for Growth

Some companies try tried and true ways of growth. Then there are others out there who try new and innovative things. Some are super successful, while others end in disaster. I embrace the saying “I’d rather fail at trying something new rather than keep doing the same thing.” In business you have to take risks […]

Top ME Posts for October

I have seen other blogs do this and figured why not tell what the top posts of the month were! Marketingland does it for the week but since I just do one post a day I figure I need to post the top posts of that month. So what has been the most read posts […]