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November 2015

iPad Podcast Editor Ferrite

Podcasting is one thing i love, both personal and professional. I have a podcast coming this week. I have been under the weather over the holiday. Editing is a necessary evil to create a podcast. You need to put in music, introductions and edit out parts as well. This is typically done in Garage Band […]

Why I Love WordPress

WordPress is now running 25% of the web according to a survey by W3Techs. This included and self hosted sites. There are several reasons for this, I think. The first is it’s not hard to set up a WordPress site. Even self hosted it only takes you a few minutes. Most web hosting companies […]

Social is for B2B As Well

I have heard over the years that social isn’t as effective for B2B. Most of the focus has always been on the B2C side. Many brands go without a social strategy when they could be missing out on new leads and sales. I hear many out there that its for consumers and most business people […]

Goggle + is not Dead!

Many of us have been wondering what is going on with Google+. There have been very few updates to the service. Most of the movement has been to breaking services out (i.e. photos, hangouts) than improving what is there. This week we finally got an answer. They are evolving Google+ to focus on the strengths […]

Is Instagram the King of Social Commerce

Global Web index produced this study. The top two sites interested in a “Buy” Button are Instagram and Tumblr. Which are both very visual social platforms. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. Especially if it’s a fashion, home or other good that looks great in a picture! I just wanted to pass this […]

Why you should Focus on Mobile

  You keep hearing that Mobile is the wave of the future. In the US this is very true. Pew Research center did a survey of Young Adults and device ownership. It looked at young people between 18-29 years old. What did they find?  Some interesting facts to note: 86% have Smart Phones 50% have […]