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New WordPress 4.7 Vaughan Released

WordPress updated to 4.7, named after Sarah Vaughan. It has some great changes to the blogging platform. They include a new theme, Twenty Seventeen, PDF Previews and dashboard in your language. While these aren’t massive changes, they are welcome additions

Twenty Seventeen is probably the most significant thing in this update. For years businesses have been using WordPress to create websites. Now, WordPress is embracing this in the newest theme. It’s an easy to edit the template that can have a business up and running in a matter of minutes.

I’m glad to see them double down on businesses. This is a welcome especially but people who aren’t 100% tech savvy with WordPress. They have created easy to edit pictures and section of the theme. If you watched the video you can see how to edit the new theme. I plan on trying this out for myself. and will report on it soon!

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