WordPress 5.9 Josephine – What’s New

Yesterday WordPress released version 5.9 called Josephine. It’s named after Josephine Baker. If you aren’t familiar with the WordPress releases, each of them is named after famous jazz musicians or singers. This update is for those running self-hosted blogs and sites. Full Site Editing This is the one feature I have been waiting to come […]

New WordPress 4.7 Vaughan Released

WordPress updated to 4.7, named after Sarah Vaughan. It has some great changes to the blogging platform. They include a new theme, Twenty Seventeen, PDF Previews and dashboard in your language. While these aren’t massive changes, they are welcome additions Twenty Seventeen is probably the most significant thing in this update. For years businesses have […]

New WordPress 4.6 Pepper Update

WordPress is my all time favorite blogging platform. They have been on a steady stream of incremental upgrades. The next big update will be 5.0. This update is 4.6 and is called Pepper after jazz artist Pepper Adams. If you aren’t familiar with update names, all their updates take the name on jazz musicians. EMBED (HTML) […]

WordPress 4.5 Coleman is Released

WordPress dropped version 4.5 on Tuesday Night. It is named after Jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. If you aren’t aware all updates for WordPress is named after the greats in Jazz. I knew the update was close but wasn’t really expecting it this week. I found out about the update when I saw the “Upgrade to […]

New WordPress 4.4 Clifford

WordPress Just released an upgrade. While the update has a lot of under the hood improvements. It also has a new a new Theme 2016. The new theme a very clean design. One of the biggest improvements in the responsive design features. This means WordPress will do a better job at showing the right image […]

New WordPress 4.3 is out!

  If you didn’t watch the video above you should! WordPress has some small updates but they are well worthy it. They keep adding great features to the blogging platform. I think back when i started with WordPress it had features I have wanted to make my life easier. Over the years they have added […]