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Top ME Posts for October

Marketing Elements Best of
I have seen other blogs do this and figured why not tell what the top posts of the month were! Marketingland does it for the week but since I just do one post a day I figure I need to post the top posts of that month. So what has been the most read posts of the month? I have been seriously blogging since July of this year. At the first of the year I will be doing the top of that month. These are the most read during the month!


SBSS 1 – WordSwag Step By Step Tutorial – This was the first tutorial I did for ME. It has become the most read of the month.


Word Swag Tutorial Part 3 – How to Add a Watermark – This features a video on how you create and add a watermark to an image in the WordSwag app

Social media-2

Make Your Own Social Media Calendar – A social media calendar is something important to have. This post gives you an example of a calendar and how to create your own.

How to avoid a

How to Avoid A Copyright Claim on YouTube – How to make sure your videos don’t get any strikes against your account! What music and images can you use.


Iconosquare Ends Free Analytics – Written back in April, I believe they have kept some of the free analytics features they had before.

If you didn’t read these post give them a good read! More coming soon!

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