My Favorite Social Media Blogs

While I am out working in the Heat of Las Vegas (I hear many out there saying “Poor you”). I wanted to share a few of the blogs that I tend to read most days of the week. The majority of them focus on Social Media but I do read both Apple and Android blogs. […]

5 Tips For Running an Ethically Sound PR Campaign

Any first-rate publicist can carefully craft and execute a proper PR campaign that will both generate a substantial amount of press exposure, and also help to portray his or her client in a positive light. But, not all publicists will do this without taking a few shortcuts on the way. Sometimes shortcuts can be beneficial – a way to speed up a process that would normally take a longer amount of time. Other times, not so much.

ME0006 – Media – Radio Usage Declining

On this podcast I discuss the study from the Bridge Ratings study  ( ) about how the consumption of radio is declining. However, the use of online radio (simulcast or streaming) is gaining ground. This also carries over to the use of podcast (which is a good thing for me). This is happening to […]

Happy iPad Day

Apple‘s iPad is here! One of the biggest tech toys of the year. It was available for pick up at 9 AM today and I”m sure the frenzy will be going on for a few more weeks. Just how will this change the world of media? I think we’ll see many uses for books, newspapers […]

Music Make the People Come together

Well, so Madonna says, but there have been some really interesting things happening in the world of music. I’m not going to go into detail about how I think record labels are going the way of the dinosaur. This post would be way too long. Lets just say that the music industry will continue to […]