Periscope Updates include Global Map and Skip Ahead

UPdatePeriscope released a new update yesterday. The new features of the app include a Global Map, skip ahead in play backs and an Apple TV app. Twitter is going in all in on the app for video. Other services such as Meerkat and Facebook Mentions are still developing and evolving. The Facebook streaming is currently limited to verified users and not the general public.


The new global map will allow you to zoom in on a specific area. It will show Pericopes that are live and ones in the last 24 hours. The ones in the last 24 hours are available to replay. The red dots are the current live broadcast and the blue are replays. According to Pericope this will allow you to find breaking news videos such as Hurricane Patricia. This will fit in nicely to Twitter for breaking and trending news topics.


Another new feature is the fast forward in replays. Before now you had to watch a Periscope in its entirety. If you told a friend about a section you loved, you can tell them to fast forward to that specific time. How does it work? “Just press down while watching the replay, and drag left and right. You can even drag up and down to change the seek speed. And while you’re seeking, with your finger still pressed down, you’ll see a preview of that moment in the broadcast” This is a great feature!

Lastly, the new AppleTVis out and they have created an app so you can watch Pericopes on your TV. The invent of the AppleTV app store made this possible. There are times when you will love to watch something on a big screen.

The app is available today with the updates at the Apple App store, Google Pay store and AppleTV App store!

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