Why you should Focus on Mobile

  You keep hearing that Mobile is the wave of the future. In the US this is very true. Pew Research center did a survey of Young Adults and device ownership. It looked at young people between 18-29 years old. What did they find?  Some interesting facts to note: 86% have Smart Phones 50% have […]

Go Reto with Polamatic

Do you remember the days of going to the store, buying film and taking pictures? Long before digital cameras there were Polaroid cameras. They were an instant camera and you could see the picture you just took, minutes after you shot it. It would develop right before your eyes. Hence the line from Outkast “Shake […]

Mobile Series – Typorama Tutorial

Typorama is an app that’s very similar to WordSwag. It allows you to create various sizes of images with text over them. Unlike WordSwag, Typorama will create images for all different social networks. It also will allow you to put a shadow behind your text so the words can be read against a background. There […]

Mobile Series – Instagram Boomerang

Instagram has been adding apps to enhance your experience. The first was Hyperlapse, which is an awesome video capture program. Then they released Layouts that is their official collage greater. Lastly is the new app called Boomerang. Boomerang was just released this past week. What is Boomerang? “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. […]