Thinking Outside the Box for Growth

Some companies try tried and true ways of growth. Then there are others out there who try new and innovative things. Some are super successful, while others end in disaster. I embrace the saying “I’d rather fail at trying something new rather than keep doing the same thing.” In business you have to take risks […]

Is Branding really that important?

I was listening to Ben Thompson and James Allworth’s podcast¬†Exponent. If you love technology and want some great insight, give Exponent a listen. Episode 084 – The Old World Order was about Television advertising and the future of TV. They briefly touched on branding. I was listening while I was driving and it got me […]

Why A Personal Brand is Important

I am starting my journey into finding my next opportunity. As they say. It has made me take a hard look at my own social personal brand. What I have been doing and where I want to go. Over the last few years I have used most of my time to run clients social media. […]

Are you an Advocate?

One thing I have learned the last few AMA lunches and through Guest Relations Marketing are your biggest supports can help you spread information about your company/product/service to others. These individuals can be some of your best ambassadors.¬† This is done by one of the most effective forms of advertising, Word of Mouth. You may […]