LinkedIn Updates Publishing Experince

This past week, LinkedIn updated its Publishing platform. If you’re not familiar with the publishing. It is their version of blogging on the LinkedIn site. You can publish anything you want and on any topic related to business. It’s a great way to gain more attention on LinkedIn. I have used it for a few […]

Just Announced: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

I woke up this morning and after the tragic events of this weekend.  When I started to read my morning blogs.I quickly discovered something big had happened in the world of social. Microsoft bought LinkedIn! It made me do a double take. I also was wondering if I was awake yet. As I read an […]

New Analytics on LinkedIn For Publishing

Do you publish on LinkedIn and wonder who and when people are reading your posts? If you have your questions will soon be answered. They announced this month that they have released you can now view some basic analytics . The analytics include how many page views. How many likes, comments and shares. Its similar to the […]