New YouTube Studio

Are you a frequent user of YouTube? If you are, last week YouTube rolled out it’s new Creator Studio. This is the back end where you can see your analytics, comments and more. They have been working on this for the last year. In the beta there were many things missing. I haven’t done a […]

Google is going in on Mobile Video

Google had some changes this week to YouTube. Some good and interesting changes are coming to the service. The first thing they did was redesign the mobile Apps. The second is they will start rolling out 6 second bumper ads. Bumper ads have been a source of controversy this week. But more on that in […]

What is YouTube Red? Why Does it Matter?

This past week Google announced the long awaited YouTube Red. Red, as it’s called for short, is a subscriptions service for YouTube. I hear some of you going, “Isn’t YouTube free? Why do I need a subscription?” Well, I”m glad you asked! The subscription will allow you to watch original content and not have ads! […]