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New WordPress 4.3 is out!


If you didn’t watch the video above you should! WordPress has some small updates but they are well worthy it. They keep adding great features to the blogging platform. I think back when i started with WordPress it had features I have wanted to make my life easier. Over the years they have added a lot of features I wanted and quite a few I never new I needed. This update has the following:

  • Text Formatting – You can use just text to create lists. I did it with the put in a “-” and press the space bar and it’s created. Use the # sign to change format to header styles.
  • Site Icons – This can be a pain to add in your site. You had to have the right size, uploaded to the right place and hoped it showed up. At least that’s my experience. Now just upload it to WordPress and it’s all done!
  • New Menu creation – If you have a long menu it can be a big pain to update. Now they have a simpler way to create and update menus. This is one of those things I didn’t know i need till it came out.
  • Better Passwords – I am a big believer¬†in a strong password. There are people who want to hack into your site and use it for malicious intent. The longer and stronger the password the more you are protected. Now when you create a new user, WordPress will automatically generate a password. This is great news!

This is why WordPress is my preferred blogging platform. They listen to users and constantly improve the service. Read the official WordPress Blog post for all the information!

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