Canva For Work Releases a Preview


Canva is one of my favorite tools. It takes the world of design and puts it in the hands of small business, bloggers and social media managers. The best thing is you don’t need any design skills to use the service. Simply upload your picture, change the text and you’re done. The final product looks like you hired a designer to do your graphics.

They are in the process of doing a Canva for Work. I haven’t had a chance to try the new service or get pricing yet! It’s going to be geared towards business and has a feature that I have always wanted in a service. If you watched the video above you will see it! Simply create an image and it will automatically resize it for other social accounts.

This feature I have wanted because if you created an image for Facebook. You had to recreate it for Twitter. Granted you will probably have to tweak each image a bit but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This is amazing.

I will have more on Canva and Canva for Work soon!

Tim is the founder of Element33. A social media agency specializing in education, management and strategy for small businesses. He comes from a traditional marketing agency but has embraced all things digital. He considers himself a marketing nerd and believes that all marketing is tied together. This means no matter what silo you are in, social, email, seach, etc, changes in one will affect the other!

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