Why is Facebook so Complicated for SMB’s

Social Media should be a tool that helps most small businesses reach new customers and engage with current customers through direct communication with these customers. However, Facebook makes managing pages much harder for small/medium-sized companies (SMBs).  As a Small Business owner, I want tools that help me maximize my time rather than complicate and add […]

What happened at Facebooks 2019 F8 for Small Businesses

Each year Facebook has it’s F8 conference for developers. It’s a week long event similar to Google’s I/O and Apple’s WWDC events. It’s about announcing new things and helping developers use the platform better! This year there are a few changes specficially affecting small businesses. Messenger The first thing coming to Messenger for Business is […]

Facebook Did What???

Facebook has changed quite a few things in the wake of Cambridge Analytica. Some of them are for the better, while others seem to baffle me. I’m not talking about the political ad process or the limiting of data of third-party applications. I”m talking about taking functionality away from third-party tools. BGDB (Before the Great […]

Workplace By Facebook – Now Released

After a few years of speculation and beta testing. Facebook’s enterprise network has finally been released. What we had come to know as Facebook at Work is now called “Workplace By Facebook.” It was announced yesterday in their London office. If you’re not familiar with this, Workplace has been around since 2014. It’s a private […]

Would You Sell on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has updated the messenger platform to 1.2. This incremental jump has brought one interesting feature. It will allow businesses to sell products through messenger. The entire transaction will take place in the Messenger platform. This is going beyond bots for customer service. Facebook is giving a new spin on e-commerce. This service is currently […]

Is Facebook Live coming to desktop?

There is a rumor going around that Facebook is going to launch the Live service on desktop. I have read it on a few blogs and thought I would weigh in on this topic. According to Social Times, Facebook has confirmed that over the next few months that the Live service will be on computers […]

Facebook Reach Drops for Pages

This week Social Flow released a study on 3,000 pages that use their service. The study said that since January, the reach of pages dropped 42%. This is a massive drop. Granted, they say that this is an average of clients they have and it may not be the overall picture of Facebook. You will […]