Introducing Final Cut Pro for iPad: An Easy-to-Use Video Editing Tool for Everyone.

Are you a video creator looking for user-friendly editing software for your iPad? Look no further than Final Cut Pro for iPad, the latest innovation from Apple. This powerful app brings professional-level editing capabilities to your fingertips with an intuitive touch interface and a host of new features designed to enhance your workflow and unleash […]

New DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a great update

I am a massive fan of the DJI Osmo line. It started with the first DJI Osmo; I used the Osmo 2 at a previous job and bought the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 because of the upgrades. Each year DJI keeps innovating on the Osmo Mobile platform.  The DJI Osmo, the original, was a game […]

iMovie will make video editing Easier

Video editing is one of my passions. I love nothing better than getting a lot of raw videos, sorting through them, and making something unique! Video editing is like solving a puzzle to me. Editing also has an odd calming effect on me. However, my calming effect is not the case for most people. It […]

Rode Releases the Wireless Go II Microphones

I am a huge fan of Rode Microphones. They are pretty simple to use for the general public and have solid performance. I currently use the Rode VideoMic Me, shotgun mic, and the smartLav+, lavalier mic with the iPhone. Each of these mics has given me excellent performance in many settings. One product I have […]

New DJI Osmo 5 just released

I am a huge fan of the DJI Osmo series. I have the very first one and the third generation that was released in 2019. Each year they drop a new version of the Osomo. The last one wasn’t enough of an upgrade for me to ditch the third gen. This one has some new […]

How Gyms are using Social & Video during COVAD-19

When your business gets shut down by the state of emergency, what do you do? You can shut the doors, or you can get creative. The fitness industry is one that has been impacted most by the COVAD-19, shutting down the majority of gyms worldwide—leaving them without classes and customers. However, they aren’t letting this […]

DJI Osmo 3, a game changer​?

A few weeks ago, DJI released the video showcasing the new DJI Osmo 3. The third generation of Osmo phone gimbals. This new version has a lot of very nice improvements. It’s a big step up from the Osmo 2, and a giant step up form the Osmo first gen.  I have had the first-gen […]