How to shoot Video that doesn’t Suck

If you are not following the iPhonagrapher channel on YouTube you need to! It’s a channel dedicated to shooting video on your smartphone! They give you some amazing tips and tricks to turn out awesome video. This is a video they released this week and it’s spot on! Follow their channel for a lot more […]

Pinterest a place for Video?

When you think of video content, places like YouTube, Facebook, or even Twitter come to mind. Pinterest may not be on your radar. But, Pinterest does have videos, but it’s only for brands. Meaning you have to have a brand account. Pinterest just updated it’s video uploader to make it easier to share your content. […]

How to repurpose your video content

I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself in the Small Business Video Series. However, I feel this is one thing that you should be thinking about before you start planning your video. I”m a firm believer that you should repurpose your video content. Heck, you should do this with everything you have, it’s […]

Should you be doing Live Video?

Live video is becoming a big thing. The trend started with Meerkat and then Periscope. But, didn’t really catch on until Facebook released live video for people and pages. Now you will see your favorite brands and also celebrities broadcasting live. This trend will continue to grow over the next few years. The spending by […]

It’s Time to Move into Video

Its time for Small/Medium Sized Business (SMB) to move into the world of video. The thought of this may seem daunting. When you think of video you may think of Academy Award Winning films or Emmy winning TV shows. However, video doesn’t need that much money to make it good! Where can you do video?  […]