ME0021 – Talking Mobile Marketing with Nicola Smith

Nicola is the Director, Emerging Trends & Strategic Research – Moxie Interactive Nicola Smith has been an integral part of Moxie Interactive for the past three and a half years.  Smith started out in the client services department working on the Verizon Wireless account, but soon thereafter she transferred to the Participant Intelligence Group to […]

Is Apple making a mistake?

A study was released this week that Apple is loosing market share for the iPhone and that Google’s Android phones are now in the second spot. Grated there are a few issues with the study. They are: it was a recent study, people are waiting for the new iPhone, and a whole host of other […]

ME0005 – Social Media with David Rollo – 22 Squared Atlanta

David is the Director of Digital and Social Media Strategy at 22 Squared in Atlanta. Having begun his career as a New Product Marketing Manager for the Canadian division of Apple Computers, David is seasoned in leading departments, setting strategies, and managing initiatives to drive results from day one. Whether helping to increase online store […]