DxO One Camera DSLR Quality on Your Phone

21018_975739719143695_5334909021825833048_nI am a huge fan of technology. Our Technology should work for us and make our marketing efforts easier. Occasionally I will profile tech products that are interesting and a potential game changer. The DxO One camera is just that, a game changer. I say this because not everyone can afford a DLSR camera and all the lenses. I have one, granted it on the low end of the DSLR range, but it can make a big difference at times in your photos and videos.

Cell phone cameras are getting better and better by the year. There will be a time when it takes over the DSLR market for most people. But until then there will be market for higher end cameras. I would say for the majority of people reading this blog your phone will do adequate pictures for your social. Use a few key photos apps and you have some amazing pictures! But for those who need a bit more the DxO One is something you need to look into.

What is the DxO One? It’s a 22 Megapixel camera that attaches to your iPhone (sorry no android yet) via the lightening connector. The phone serves as the view finder, through their app, and you can control the camera via y our phone. The camera itself is super small and will fit in the palm of your hand.

The camera app lets you control every aspect of the camera. You can use preset settings. These are much like the ones on current DLSR such as action, night, etc. If you have the skills to set it yourself you can use it strictly manual. Its amazing how you can control this camera via your phone.

A few things you need to know about the camera. First it won’t drain your battery. It has it’s own rechargeable power source. Therefore, it won’t drain your battery. Next, the camera has it’s own memory card and the 22 MP photos won’t fill up your phone. You can share them to your phone and other social media via the app. The pictures aren’t trapped on the camera either.

The final question is how much is this nifty camera? Before I tell you the price let me say in the world of cameras its not bad priced. The One retails for $599 on the DxO site. It’s more than a point and shoot but less than the majority of DSLR cameras on the market. A few reviews have been amazing. People such as Alex Lindsay and Andy Ihnatko both highly recommend this camera. These are two amazing recommendations. I didn’t want to geek out too much over this but just wanted to point it out! To learn more about this camera go to the DxO One site.

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