Apple and Google’s New Tablets

This was a post I originally did on Facebook Notes. I wanted to post it here as well. As you know I am a big Apple fan. Its the ecosystem I enjoy the most and the way things work on iOS just makes sense to me. Android, which I have a Nexus 7 tablet, just […]

iOS Versus Android Which Should You Choose?

Its an age old question, well in the tech age! Which operating system should you use in your business/life? I will firmly admit that I love iOS. If given the choice its my preference any day over Android. But that’s my preference. I will explain more about that in this post, but its up to […]

DxO One Camera DSLR Quality on Your Phone

I am a huge fan of technology. Our Technology should work for us and make our marketing efforts easier. Occasionally I will profile tech products that are interesting and a potential game changer. The DxO One camera is just that, a game changer. I say this because not everyone can afford a DLSR camera and […]

Happy iPad Day

Apple‘s iPad is here! One of the biggest tech toys of the year. It was available for pick up at 9 AM today and I”m sure the frenzy will be going on for a few more weeks. Just how will this change the world of media? I think we’ll see many uses for books, newspapers […]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is out tomorrow

Tomorrow, Snow Leopard comes out. I am looking forward to getting it and seeing some of the new features. The reviews I have read have said that there are no major changes, only some minor ones that add up to create a better OS. It also takes less time to install and less space on […]