Georgia Lottery Flash Mob

I attended the AMA Atlanta Signature Lunch today. The speaker was Margaret R. DeFrancisco. The President and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation. They combined the Mega Millions and the Power Ball. In doing so, they did a massive marketing campaign by their agency BBDO. One of the really cool things they did was this […]

AMA Atlanta Signature Lunch – Moving the Needle in a Tough Economy: Three Interactive Strategies That Paid Off Big in 2009?

I attended the January Signature Lunch for AMA Atlanta. I know I should have posted this on Wednesday, but my personal social media is like the story of the Cobbler. The cobblers kids have no shoes. I always put my stuff on the back burner. But, I plant to blog a lot more about events […]

Search Engine Optimization

Is a topic I saw at last weeks Signature Lunch for AMA Atlanta. I have known about the basics of SEO for a while, but It’s one of those things that you can learn the basics in a short time but takes a lifetime to master. This is due to the constantly changing logarithm that […]

Learning from the Obama Campaign

I attended an AMA Atlanta event for the New Technology SIG. It was It was Barry Libert who is the Chairman of Mzinga. He wrote the book you see above, “Winning Business Lessons from the Obama Campaign.” It was hosted at 103 West here in Atlanta. Mr. Libert gave a great speech, that I have […]

AMA Collegiate Conference

The Annual AMA Atlanta Collegiate conference took place last month. The conference was put on by the AMA Atlanta Collegiate conference committee, an all volunteer group of marketing professionals. The conference planning starts early in the year to make sure it’s always a success with the students. This year the conference was held at the […]