Gmail wants you to Unsubscribe

If you have an email marketing program the new changes to the Gmail Android App. There are two changes, the first is to block someone but the second is the purpose of this post. They have an easy unsubscribe button. So what does this mean to you? It may not sound like a problem for […]

Gmail goes Visual for Promotions

Are you like me and email at times is a chore? I use Gmail for all my “email Marketing” or as most people call it junk emails! You know when you have to sign up for a newsletter, e-commerce account and etc. The only problem is after you sign up, how many of us actually […]

ME0012 – Talking Email Marketing with Simms Jenkins

I am joined by Simms Jenkins from BrightWave Marketing. We talk about email marketing. This includes how social and email marketing are working together. What the future holds for email marketing. How the in box will change over the next few years. Simms Jenkins is CEO of BrightWave Marketing (, an award-winning agency specializing in […]