Men on Pinterest?

  I have said for over a year now that Pinterest will not be skewing to women. That the men will be coming to Pinterest. It seems this prediction was right. The Business Insider reported earlier this year that the number of men increased 73%.  Which men’s more men are coming on sharing and pinning […]

Pinterst Marketing – How to Get Started

For many out there Pinterest can be a scary place. It can be over whelming you may not know where to start. There are several basics you have to get down before you delve into this for a company. I would suggest creating an account and having some fun with community. The first thing to […]

Pinterest Analytics – Overview

Pinterest does a great job in letting people know what services they offer for business accounts. They have been one of the most proactive social media platforms in informing. Other services you find out about things second hand and wonder how to use certain features. This video put out by Pinterest gives you a great […]

Pinterest for Business Webinar

Are you looking to get your business on Pinterest? Yesterday Pinterest tried to have a webiniar entitled “Pinterest for Business.” I say try because they had way more people then their webiniar provider could handle. They had to record it and release it on YouTube. This is a great webinar (about 20 mins) for anyone […]