Is Pinterest adding Livestreams?

Pinterest is one of the last major social media networks that doesn’t have a live stream option on the Platform. This may be changing sooner than later. Pinterest communications manager Marie-Joëlle Parent said on her Twitter that they testing live events May 24-26th on the app. This makes me think you will need to join […]

Pinterest 100 – Top Trends to Try in 2020

Pinterest has released its top trends for 2020. In addition to this, they have released in beta a trends section, similar to Google Trends. It tells you what is currently trending on the site. But, it’s only available in beta. The Top Trends are focused on these areas: Beyond Binary From flexible pronouns to unisex […]

Pinterest a place for Video?

When you think of video content, places like YouTube, Facebook, or even Twitter come to mind. Pinterest may not be on your radar. But, Pinterest does have videos, but it’s only for brands. Meaning you have to have a brand account. Pinterest just updated it’s video uploader to make it easier to share your content. […]

Pinterest Makes Organization Easier

Have you ever been pinning on Pinterest and thought, “darn, I need to create another board, I wish I could just divide this one.” Well wish no more, you have that opportunity. This past week Pinterest released a new feature called Sections. The best way to describe it is the ability to create subfolders in […]

Pinterest Gets New Analytical Features

One of my biggest gripes about Pinterest analytics was you could never see on the micro level. Meaning you could never look at one pin individual stats just for that pin. You could get an overall picture but not specifics on a pin that is taking off or under performing. Note, that when you are […]

Go from Pin to Save with Pinterest

Maybe you have noticed a change on the net. Now when you go to pin something it now says “Save” not “Pin.” Many may not have noticed this but it has already gone live. So why did Pinterest make this change? What other things have changed with pins? Steven Walling, Product Manger at Pinterest said: […]

Pinterest allows Affiliate Links

When Pinterest first launched, they allowed people to put affiliate links. If you aren’t familiar, Affiliate links are ones that give the poster a percentage of any sales generated. At first there was controversy over who actually would get the credit. Would it be the pinner or Pinterest. They cleared that up and allowed them. […]

Pinterest Takes Search to the Next Level

Pinterest is releasing a “crazy-fun” search tool. What does that mean? Now you will be able to find items similar to items that are in a pin you like. This means they are going all in on image search. This is a great new tool for the service. Pinterest is a visual social network and searching […]

Pinterest Updates Places Pins

Last year Pinterest introduced Rich Pins. This was one of the biggest changes to the service since its inception. If you aren’t familiar with them, Rich Pins are pins that have extra information. They center around Recipes, Places, movies, product or article. Rich pins are a way to convey more information to people on Pinterest. This […]

Pinterest Gets More Sharable

We are a mobile society. It is getting to the point where people are starting to use their phones more than their desktops. Why? because the phone is computer we keep with us all the time. As processor speed increases we are about to hit parity with the desktop computers. Pinterest sees this as well […]