Marketing on a Chromebook, can it be done?

This may sound like a super crazy experiment. Why would anyone submit to such an experiment? Well, it’s not my first choice after being in the Apple Ecosystem. You can read all my details on the Tech Metldown from Monday. Now, in order to run my business I”m using a 15.6 Acer Chromebook and a […]

Should You Care about Twitter Stories?

Should you actually care about the recently released Twitter stories? I would say yes you should pay attention. Unlike SnapChat, Instagram is a program a lot of businesses/marketers are familiar with the service. The app is not something foreign or hard to use. I think the biggest issue people have, well those over 40, is […]

SSBS – Small Business Social Tools

There are a ton of tools on the market for social media. You can spend your entire budget on more just on tools. It would be great if we could all use a service that does social listening, sentiment analysis, account management and analytics analysis. In a perfect world we would have all those things. […]