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Which Social Sends The Most Traffic

If you are after page views where are you to go? What social media is best in sending organic traffic? Note, this will feature organic rather than paid traffic. I have covered some paid social promotion in the past. This is my experience with clients and personal posting. So what services should you be using? […]

Facebook Wants us to end Phone numbers

Facebook is going all in on Messenger. They want us to no longer be tethered to a phone number. Will this be the future? It’s too early to tell. But as more people get smart phones and make less calls this could be true. I know in my circle of friends the text or messenger […]

Why You Need to Pay To Play

Gone are the days of organic growth on Facebook. In the early 2010’s you could put up a page and once it gained momentum it would start growing. There seemed to be a tipping point where growth would happen exponentially. Now, it’s a trickle of people who will find your page and the engagement rate […]

Should Twitter Be More Than 140 Characters?

Since it’s inception Twitter has been limited to 140 characters. There have been a few changes to the Tweets over the years. Such as tagging, links and photos that has changed the Twitter feed. Re/Code has reported that Twitter is considering lifting the 140 character limits to Tweets. Is this a good thing or bad? […]

Facebook Releases Live Video and Collages to all

  Facebook has released live video for verified pages earlier this year. Now they have released the service to the masses! Prior you had to be using the Facebook Mentions app. In their current roll out to a small percentage of iPhone users.  You can now broadcast things that are important to you and your family/friends. “To […]

Twitter Updates the Twitter for Mac App

I have used the Twitter for Mac app since its introduction. Then it was called Tweetie. It was available as free or paid app. However, the ads were the most focused and relevant of any service I have ever seen. I clicked about half of the ads served to me and bought a few things […]

Get Instagram Analytics with InsTrack

Using Analytics for a small business can be challenging. One of the most challenging to do his Instagram. This is because there are no built-in analytics in Instagram. Other social media sites such as the Facebook insights or Twitter or Analytics. And one of the most annoying things to me is that Instagram doesn’t use dates […]

Twitter Now Shows Full Pictures

First, let me say sorry for my abrupt disappearance. I had a few health issues that made me not up to blogging or podcasting. I have since recovered and will be back to blogging and podcasting! I will say I missed not writing about social the last two weeks! Can we all raise a voice […]

New WordPress 4.4 Clifford

WordPress Just released an upgrade. While the update has a lot of under the hood improvements. It also has a new a new Theme 2016. The new theme a very clean design. One of the biggest improvements in the responsive design features. This means WordPress will do a better job at showing the right image […]

New Facebook Messenger and Event Integrations

Facebook is slowly adding more and more features. They are really banking on Facebook Messenger to be a key player in customer service. Previously they rolled out a new messenger on pages. Each page will be graded on how fast they respond to messages. This is aided by a new messenger app. Now Facebook is adding […]