Are your friends for sale?

USA Today reported this week that there is a company in Australia that is selling Facebook friends. The company uSocial is charging up to $700 for 5,000 friends. Which breaks down to $.14 a friend. Which when you think about it is not much. This is not the first time uSocial has been in the […]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is out tomorrow

Tomorrow, Snow Leopard comes out. I am looking forward to getting it and seeing some of the new features. The reviews I have read have said that there are no major changes, only some minor ones that add up to create a better OS. It also takes less time to install and less space on […]

Shift from Print Media by Movie Theaters

Yahoo News reported today that many of the main movie theater chains are shifting away from print and focusing show time information online. As with many industires, they are always seeking ways to cut costs and going to online, the listings are free for the most part. The sties that give the information, such as […]