How are Small Businesses Different than Large Businesses in Social Media Marketing

The world of social media now puts businesses on a level playing field. Meaning there is equal access to all social networks for all businesses. Unlike the days of paid media, smaller brands couldn’t afford large newspaper, prime time TV and Trade journal advertisements. Now small companies have a chance of getting found and going […]

Whataburger is on Point for Internet Trends

When you think of cutting edge social media campaigns. You think of Oreos, Coca-Cola and more. You don’t think of a Fast Food restaurant. Most quick service restaurants are focused on getting customers. This is done by running ads and timing posts for just the right time. Rarely does this step outside the food arena. […]

Twitter Releases Dash Board

Twitter Analytics for most have always been a bit wonky. You always had to go through the Ads interface. Then navigate your way to the analytics you want to view. If you wanted a good overview on the go, it wasn’t easy using just a Twitter app. You could always get in depth per Tweet […]

Twitter Doubles Down on Video

2016 is the year of video on social media. Facebook started the movement and other social networks soon followed suit. Twitter allowed you to have video but only up to 30 seconds. That all changed this week. Now you can post videos up to 140 seconds long. Maybe this is to match the character count. […]