What happened at Facebooks 2019 F8 for Small Businesses

Each year Facebook has it’s F8 conference for developers. It’s a week long event similar to Google’s I/O and Apple’s WWDC events. It’s about announcing new things and helping developers use the platform better! This year there are a few changes specficially affecting small businesses. Messenger The first thing coming to Messenger for Business is […]

Facebook Did What???

Facebook has changed quite a few things in the wake of Cambridge Analytica. Some of them are for the better, while others seem to baffle me. I’m not talking about the political ad process or the limiting of data of third-party applications. I”m talking about taking functionality away from third-party tools. BGDB (Before the Great […]

IGTV (Instagram TV) What you should know

It’s been a minute since I last updated the blog. I needed to take some time off and refocus on things. I celebrated one year at my current job as a Social Media Specialist. It allowed me to focus on the things I loved and ignore the things I didn’t. Such as new business, accounting, forecasting, […]

Pinterest Makes Organization Easier

Have you ever been pinning on Pinterest and thought, “darn, I need to create another board, I wish I could just divide this one.” Well wish no more, you have that opportunity. This past week Pinterest released a new feature called Sections. The best way to describe it is the ability to create subfolders in […]

Pinterest Gets New Analytical Features

One of my biggest gripes about Pinterest analytics was you could never see on the micro level. Meaning you could never look at one pin individual stats just for that pin. You could get an overall picture but not specifics on a pin that is taking off or under performing. Note, that when you are […]

The End of Vine

You will no longer be able to share the best six seconds of your life. This past week Twitter announced that they will discontinue the Vine Mobile app.Essentially shutting down the service. The mobile app is the only way to create new Vines. I was never big on Vine. I actually deleted the app off my […]

The Football Promotion that went a foul

Doing promotions is supposed to be a good thing for business. It’s used to generate traffic and sales. They are generally set up to get the customers the best deal without losing money. They should be well thought out and not on the spur of the moment. When you do quick deals sometimes things can […]